Free Nelson Mandela

Another snapshot from Edina Street, the ongoing sequel to Countries of the World. The central characters Donnie and Lexo (aka The Claw) ponder the release of Nelson Mandela…


“Is that him now, Mandela?”

“Aye. Looks a bit wobbly on his feet.”

“So would you like, after twenty one years in captivity.”

“It’s longer than that.”

“I’m referring to the Special AKA, Donnie son. Free Nelson Mandela and all that, ken?”

“I know. That song wasn’t out last week though, was it? Try twenty seven.”

“Aye, you’ll be right enough.”

“All those bands who played Sun City must be feeling like right numpties now, eh?”

“What do you mean, like?”

“Queen. Status Quo. Rod Stewart… Playing in South Africa to white only audiences a few years back.”


“Paul Simon too. Mind o Graceland?”

“Is that no where Elvis lived?”

“It was, aye. But Paul Simon went to South Africa to make his Graceland record. Got all these local musicians in.”

“Gied them work then, did he no? Brought them over on tour. Gave them their big break. ..”

“Aye, that’s what some folk say. But he broke the boycott, didn’t he?”

“Ah, well. Tell me this then. Why was it called Graceland if it was made in South Africa?”

“No fucking idea. That’s Paul Simon for ya, eh? The guy who wanted us to call him Al.”

“Aye. Weirdo.”


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