The World is Ever Changing

roegThis is not your typical autobiography. For anyone familiar with Roeg’s film work (Performance, Walkabout, Don’t Look Now, The Man Who Fell to Earth, etc) that may not come as any great surprise. He’s never been keen on presenting his art in a straightforward and chronological fashion. For that reason, the only other autobiography I’ve read that sprung to mind while I was reading this was Bob Dylan’s Chronicles. Likewise, this is more a series of thoughts, incidents and events that are only very loosely connected, if at all. Roeg’s chapters are built around aspects of film: image, sound, script, directing, etc. He does talk about what motivates and inspires him, but not a great deal about his private life. Perhaps he thinks that would be a bit boring and credit should be given for that. He comes across as someone more interested in life (and film) than of talking himself up. On the other hand, this makes him quite an evasive character. So it might disappoint anyone looking for a no-holds-barred type of autobiography, full of celebrity scandal. But he does tell us how he blew the chance to work with Marlon Brando, and without any lingering sense of bitterness. There’s also a very curious kind of spiritual experience mentioned towards the end of this concise book. I really enjoyed it. Some might consider it too brief an encounter, but it’s hard to find fault with it. Leave them wanting more… Be brave… Look now.

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