Saint Patrick’s Day (1991)

Another snapshot of life on Edina St, the sequel to Countries of the World.

Donnie and Alex (aka The Claw) are in the pub.
– Why are we drinking to some Irish saint?
– We’re not. We’re celebrating the release of the Birmingham Six.
– That was on Thursday, Donnie.
– Aye. But we were skint then, weren’t we?
– Yeah, but… We’re nae even proper Fenians.
– Doesn’t matter what foot you kick with, Alex. It’s not about that, is it? Some things just aren’t right.
– Ok. How can you be sure they’re innocent these Birmingham blokes?
– You think they’d be letting them loose as an act of goodwill for St Patrick’s Day or something? Humiliating the Crown Court and what have you so that half a dozen more Micks could go out on the lash this weekend? The fact is, they’d been charged with handling explosives when they were playing fucking Snap.
– Aye, whatever. I’ve got the power…
– Well, ya werena singing that when ya were manhandled into the Black Maria the other week. The Polis never tell porkies, eh? You’ve never been slapped about in the back of the van or the cells? They’ve never tried to pin other stuff on ya?
– I give as good as I get… but you’re right enough. Filth.
– The only reason these boys are out is coz the establishment knows it hasn’t got a leg to stand on. And neither will you after you’ve had a six pints of the black stuff… We’re going to do the right thing for those unlucky fuckers.
–  I’ll drink to that. But lighten up and put something decent on the jukebox, eh? It’s supposed to be happy hour ya miserable cunt.



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