Free E-books

How often do you read e-books you’ve downloaded for free? What do writers think of KDP Select? 

For the uninitiated, KDP Select is a system where Amazon allows writers to give away their books on given days as a free promotion to try to assist sales. From a writer’s point of view, I don’t pay much heed to the number of people downloading free offers because I believe there’s a long way to go to actually reading the work, secondly enjoying it and finally perhaps buying more books from the same writer. I know it is far more likely that I will read a book if I wanted it enough to buy it. Freebies tend to slip down the reading list on my Kindle. If I wasn’t particularly after a book then it’s easy to forget about. In fact, I rarely bother downloading free books now unless it sounds like something I really want to read. But maybe I’m in a dwindling minority who still prefer to pay for books?

I’ve given away Countries of the World on a couple of days this year and haven’t noticed any upturn in sales after these free promotions. I have my doubts about continuing with this practice. I wonder if reducing the price for a short time would be more effective or mutually beneficial?

Anyway, if you’ve read any of my work I hope it whetted your appetite for more. You can find details of my books by clicking on the images on the right of this page. There’s short stories, poetry and travel writing. And remember that you can always read an e-book sample before parting with any hard earned cash.


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