Walls Come Tumbling Down


In this wee extract from Edina Street, the sequel to Countries of the World, two of the main characters, Donnie (the narrator from Countries) and Alex (aka The Claw) are watching events unfold on their TV…

– What’s going on?
– They’re tearing down the wall.
– Which wall?
– The Berlin Wall, ya fuckwit.
– Fuck me. When did all this kick off?
– When you were safely tucked up in your wankpit.
– Fucking hell, you go to bed and wake up and the world has changed.
– Look at them hacking chunks out of it. Bet that’ll be a souvenir worth a bob or two one day. There’ll be bits of it in fancy exhibitions in the British Museum and what have you.
– Or the headquarters of the Fourth Reich… Mark my words. It’s only a matter of time before they start shooting the fuckers. I tell ya.
– I’m going out for a paper.
– Oh? I doubt if there’ll be anything about the wall in it.
– Aye, but the Hibs were playing last night.
– Feeling flush are you? It’s fags we’re needing here. Or skins and baccy. Something smokeable.
– Haud on… Didn’t Paul Weller predict this?
– What? The Hibs score? That’ll save you buying a rag then.
– The Style Council. Walls Come Tumbling Down, you know?
– That was fucking years ago. Would that make Bowie a sage if they find some kinna pond life on Mars?
– Aye, you’ve got a point. But the Style Council song wasna that long ago.
– Which walls was he taking about though? The Walls of Jericho? Hadrian’s Wall…
– Both of them came down yonks ago, did they no?
– There’s still bits of Hadrian’s Wall left.
– Aye, but not enough, if you ask me…

Excerpt from Edina Street © Steven Porter 2013


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