We Was Robbed!

Looking on the bright side, I’m honoured that somebody thinks my stories are worth stealing. If the individual concerned is making any decent money out of it, I wish they’d let me into the secret. I’m not yet sure how exactly this has come about, but someone has been attempting to sell a digital version of Blurred Girl and Other Suggestive Stories through itunes.

It’s almost like a post-modern story in itself, since the collection contains a tale called Second Hand Book Pollution about a book thief. But please don’t buy it from itunes. And you’ll only be out of pocket if you do as I’m selling it cheaper on Amazon! What bothers me about this is not that someone has got hold of my work for nothing – I’ve been known to publish stories, and even books, for free – but that they have gone a step further by attempting to cash in on what was a freebie from a writer (me this time) who doesn’t even come close to making a living from their work as it is.

Given that I am not remotely famous (not even on Facebook), I can’t help wondering how they got hold of my book for this scam. Of course, I hope it is not someone I actually know in some sense.

Anyway, the genuine outlets for this book are Amazon for the Kindle e-book version, and the original publisher of the paperback Thunderclap Press, who were working out of New Jersey but are now based in Toronto, Canada. They are still selling a neat square print edition through Lulu. Square in shape only, I hasten to add.

Any other self-published or small press authors had a similar experience or got any advice on how better to protect your work from what seems more cynical than an infringement of copyright?


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