Welcome to Breogan

Who or what is Breogan?
Breogan is the name of the town in my novel Countries of the World. Named after a mythical Celtic king, it would appear to be located somewhere around the Moray Firth. But you won’t find it on Google Maps.

Breogan has a football team called Citadel who play at Bucht Loan Park. They once drew with Rangers in the Scottish Cup, but lost the replay down in Berwick.

Breogan has a local newspaper called the Echo. There’s also a museum, a community centre and a single-track railway line. But the Paradise Cinema shut its doors years ago and has been replaced by Tescos.

Breogan has at least one primary school, and a secondary school where it was not a good idea to go dressed like one of The Kids from Fame back in the day. I’d be surprised if that doesn’t still ring true now.

It may be small but it has more inhabitants than the Falkland Islands.

Find out more in Countries of the World. Available now from Amazon and other websites such as Waterstones and WH Smith.


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