Our Mohammed Ally

Morrison pulled the toggles on my cagoule. I felt them tighten round my neck.
“Do you know what it feels like to swallow your front teeth?” he asked.
I said it wasn’t a sensation I was familiar with or words to that effect.
The only bit of good fortune that day was finding Ally Mac leaning against the wall eating a lollipop.
“Hey speccy!” Ally shouted.
Everything went quiet. Morrison looked surprised.
“It takes one to know one, Ally.”
Ally pushed his own specs up the bridge of his nose to confirm this. He looked like a miniature version of Elvis Costello (who wasn’t very tall anyway).
“If there’s any shovin teeth down throats to be done then I’ll be doin it, okay?” Ally said to Morrison. “Bullies wi specs, eh? Whit next?”

From Countries of the World © Steven Porter/Breogan Books, 2011


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