Blurred Girl Diaries

My story Blurred Girl Diaries will feature in the Byker Books anthology Radgepacket 4, which will be launched this weekend. BGD was an exercise in writing more descriptively than usual, as well as voyeurism (which I have more experience with). It was partly inspired by this John Foxx song with its terrific lyrics and unsettling atmosphere.

‘Within these pages you will find gem after gem’ – Sheila Quigley

 “Our ceaseless quest to bring you the unsigned and  the unhinged continues. If you like your fiction industrial strength then, with over twenty tales of murder, mayhem and madness from the Inner Cities, there’s something in here for you!” – Byker Books


Now then, the previous three ‘Radgepacket’ collections have shaken up the established literary order and this one will be no exception. With over twenty different stories of madness, murder and mayhem Radgepacket Volume Four will be launched on Saturday 13th March at ‘The Back Page’ in Newcastle upon Tyne between the hours of 15:00 and 17:00.

As for the ‘new and improved’ bit, well get this. We’ve removed the interviews and competitions and have instead added more pages and even more stories. Radge4 has twenty two stories and is still double cheap at only £5.99- that’s less than 30p per story man – it’s for nowt!

For those of you who don’t know it ‘The Back Page’ is one of Britain’s best (if not the actual best) sports book shops and carries a massive range of books and other sporting paraphernalia, not to mention the friendliest staff you’ll ever meet anywhere…ever!

So come along, have a drink with us (might even get some nibbles – I said might…) get a copy of the new and improved Radgepacket, get it signed by the contributors in attendance and hear a bit of spiel from my good self – what’s not to like man?


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