What’s This All About?


José Saramago
José Saramago

Welcome to another blog of mine. You’ll find two or three others in the blogroll soon along with other recommended sites. This one will focus on promoting my own writing, other writers I like, as well as reviews and other ideas and theories related to the world of books. It seems apt to start by mentioning that last night I went to a talk featuring a writer I regard as one of the most intriguing and original novelists in the world today – José Saramago. The Portuguese author joined Galician writer Manuel Rivas to talk about the link between literature and memory. Rivas focussed on entertaining anecdotes based on memories of growing up here in A Coruña, while Saramago went more into literary theory. Saramago warned the audience to be aware that every book has a person inside it (the author), as well as showing how important precision is to him by claiming that synonyms don’t exist. Furthermore, he pointed out that there is no such thing as a poetic word; it’s the ones that come before and afterwards that make writing poetic.


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